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Hamsters home Answered

I'm sure many people have hamsters and did a lot of houses like in photoset below.


Awesome set up! That is like a hamster mansion! Unfortunately, gerbils do not do well with plastic tubes because they chew so much. Rodent teeth grow constantly but a gerbil's teeth grow ten times faster than that of a hamster's. Hence all the extra chewing.

I have just created my first instructable about how to catch an escaped rodent and would like to invite everyone to come check it out! It can be modified to catch leprechauns, as well. ;)

there cool, but cleaning them would be a nightmare. and also, i would honestly not put my gerbils in the tubes, because i find that, no matter how few tubes are on the thing eventually get to loose and fall of, and one of my 3 has died already because of this(stuck behind the dresser in an escape attempt). anyway, if i was gonna use those again, duck tape would be around every single connection.

how much did that cost

I feel bad for any hamster trying to find the nearest bathroom. I also would never want to clean one of those cages.

Oy vey ! I thought I had gone a bit over the top when I had my hamster over 20 years ago. The cage had 3 tubes leading from it, one up to a rectangular bedding area, one to a plastic exercise ball, and one other that went up around and down again for him to get a better veiw of the room. These are fantastic. And the one Kiteman mentions.....that is really wild too. :-) It is a lot of work to go through if you are not able to replace them often, they tend not to live very long (about 3 years I think on average?)

Oh and I have to agree with Canida about that last one with the boxes. I have had them get out of "locked" cages already, much less cardboard boxes.


10 years ago

The last one looks a bit dangerous for long-term use, as hamsters can chew through cardboard quickly! I had dwarf hamsters in college. We built a plexiglas maze to fit inside our 20-gal aquarium. The flat side was up, the maze down on a pile of bedding. We had a series of tubes adn ridged PVC pipe joints up top for them to play in. They seemed to love it. I've got to have a picture here somewhere...

When I was at uni, a friend had a pair of hamsters, but left them in the care of her housemates for a few days.

When she came back, she found her friends had gotten a little ... carried away.

They had made tubes of small-mesh chicken wire and laid them all over the house, even through holes knocked in the wall.

The network was so extensive, she hardly ever saw her hamsters, because they'd be off exploring some distant part of the house. She tended only to see them when they trundled past her as she took a bath.

Needless to say, they bunked off at the end of the year before the landlord found the holes...