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Happy New Year 2011! Time lapse video of fireworks in Oslo Answered

Happy new year!

I made this video of the fireworks in Oslo, Norway:





7 years ago

I think some of the firework to the left, slightly outside the frame is an official show. The rest is a city-wide obsession ;)

They banned rockets two years ago. Now you can only buy those batteries that sits on the ground and fires of a sequence of shots. :(

The firework was way more awesome when rockets were allowed.

Here is the timelapse from 2007/2008:

I set up a while true wget script to capture images every newyear. We have a permanent webcam on the roof of the building where I live. The view from the webcam is about the same as the one in my living room :)

The good thing about working at a student dormitory, is that I get first pick on apartments :D

Is that an official show, or just a city-wide obsession?