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Happy birthday to me..... Answered

Happy birthday to me......


yo yo yo.

here is a present for you:


9 years ago

Well, as you've already given a happy birthday to yourself, i don't need to say anything. (not that i am implying i am you, or you are me)

OKay, I give, what does that mean?

Read it out loud, a little too quickly: A PEA BURP HAY TWO EWES

Happpy Birthday.....twice? Two-eyes? Oh! To YOU!

I thought the last one was sheep. A PEA BURP HAY TWO SHEEP.

Well excuuuuseme, Mr. College education!

Do you mind? University education... ;-)

Do you have no honor? You just have to show off your colored gown. *Eats vanilla flavored ice cream*

Deliberately ignores vowelly-challenged disability of a youngling nation.

actually we have enough words that have unpronounced letters in them, we don't really need more :-)

It is kind of hard to tell from the picture, isn't it LOL

If you ask me, that's the most ballon-like Pea i've ever seen.....

I meant that the sheep are ewes and not male sheep ;-)

Well, it is hard to determine from the picture, isn't it ? embarrassed? Oh well, sorry about that (the area I grew up in, there were animals all around us, soooo :-)

Me too, we had cows, horses and chickens. Horse poop is baaaaad....

In the "compost business" it (horse manure) is known as hot
meaning it composts at a decently high heat level (which is a desirable trait).

I was really little at the time so I didn't know so much about it. ALso, it was my grandfather who ran most of it, so my parents didn't really get that involved. But having animals really gives you some stories.

Is it true that you're not supposed to start sentences with "but"? Or is that just UK?

No, it is not proper to start a sentence with a conjunction. Conjunctions are for joining two ideas or comparisons.

Well, if THIS is how threads like this turn out, there is NO WAY I am going to post one on Nov. 20th of my birthday.....I wouldn't want you all do know my b-day


As my Dad would say, if you had not joined in, it would have stopped there ;-) Participation is what counts, not who started it :-)

What?! So you're saying that it's all my fault because I, umm.... what? Defended myself? Maybe it is partly my fault, yes, but why are you ragging this all on me and not KK?

why are you ragging this all on me and not KK?

First, I am not....I am only saying he is at fault for starting it, you are for continuing, and he is ALSO at fault for continuing later. It takes two to tango (or tangle LOL).

I didn't start anything! Why are you taking his side?! You're more of a friend to me than him! It's not much of a friendship, but you and me could make some small talk in the watercooler. With him, you'd just sigh uncomfortably and ask about the weather! THINK ABOUT THAT!

Shaddup. He's taking the side of the person who's right.

I didn't take anyone's side since I did say you both were at fault....and now I am at fault for thinking I can explain this to either of you *rolls eyes*

Are you a'calling me dumb? Just cuz I dont has no fancy pansy college edumacation don't mean yous can just come 'ere an' call us fancy names, with your big waerd and yer "clean clothes" and you "pants"

Shaddup ya ideyot freyeak. I amz muc smartyer thenn a stinkin colledge grauduate becoz i hav "pants".