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Hard drive hydrogen fuel cell? Answered

I have just learnt that hard drive platters are coated in platinum, i know platinum is a catalyst in the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to for water and produces electricity. This is basically what happens in i hydrogen fuel cell. Has anyone tried using these platters in making a fuel cell and if so how successful was it? Does anyone know if the platinum quantity high enough for this to be viable? I would like to here any ideas on this quite interesting project.



Best Answer 4 years ago

Platinum electrodes are usually pure platinum. Hard drive platters contain only about 2 microgrammes of platinum, in an alloy, so I doubt they will work in a fuel cell.

They might work well as electrolysis electrodes, though.

do you know if the platinum is plated on the surface or right the way through? If it is plated then it may have more luck working. I have a whole lot of these platters so i will make a cell and run my hydrogen generator through it. Any more ideas are welcome.

On the surface.

Googling reveals the layer to be around 30nm thick.