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Has any one used a down tube friction shifter with a Nexus 7spd internal hub? Answered

I am building an cargo bike, and have a set of down tube shifters and a internal 7 speed Shimano nexus hub. And was wondering if any one had any success or experience with this set up?


Have no fear. Friction shifting works with any gearing. Keep the hub oiled and you'll be fine. You do have a very expensive hub though, so maybe you should spring the $50 for nice new shifters that will last 20 years?


7 years ago

I have had luck selling them. College students get broke and I've had a few. I do not like them and would be scared (honestly) to take one apart. Go old school and get used stuff. The supply is endless and it fits everything. I hope you get a YUBA V3..... orange... and just get the frame, forks, AND REAR WHEEL!!!! Furthermore, if you are getting a big dummy.... you are unless you are a girl, and then YOUR HOT!