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He entered before I did! Answered

Not only has he just published his first 'ible under his own name, but Roger-X (AKA "#1 Son") has entered the Laser Cutter contest before me!

Naturally, he had help (how else do you think he ended up in the photos?), but that doesn't stop him gloating at me.

Oh, yes, his Instructable is here.

(He's been playing Go at school, so he got inspired. I'd forgotten how good the game was. Actually, I'm slightly inspired by his ible to do a larger version myself - I just need a suitable box.)


You let your kid play with matches? At least he is starting out with the basics.

His younger brother decided that R-X "needed help" lighting the matches.

Makes a change from the kids I teach who are afraid of Bunsen burners...

Oh man, and you teach littl'uns... There's a girl in my 10th-grade class (read: 15-year-olds) who's deathly terrified of the bunsen burner. Every time we do a lab, I have to light it for her.

Well I knew someone who had a sensible fear of bunsen burners- she managed to catch a lit one with her sleeve and pull the hose off the gas tap. The flame backed up down the hose when it reached combustible mixture and set the gas tap on fire- that was memorable :) I loved playing with Bunsen burners- covering the air holes with your fingers and letting a little puff of air in to make yellow-flame fireballs, using three at once when we did thermal decomposition of limestone...

My first ever Science lesson as a properly-qualified science teacher was how to use a Bunsen burner safely.

I forgot to check the hose, and found myself wrist-to-shoulder in a fireball.

I was utterly undamaged, but that class were so very careful when it was their turn...

Wow, thats a bit far. I used to put them out with my hand (I was going to try with an acetylene torch, but in the end decided against it)

w00t, go #1. Good to see the Kites are continuing on their heritage.

He will be the master soon, and you will be the learner... or something like that, I wanted to say something star wars-ish...

He wore that sweat-shirt especially for the photo - it glows in the dark.

And it's mine.

i want a glow in the dark sweatshirt!

What are those cylinders near the scissors, or what's in 'em? L

Those are aluminium tubes that once held cystitis medication (part of the regime to try and reduce #2 son's kidney stones - he takes three a day, and each tube only holds 12 tablets, so we get a few spares).

They'll come in useful for something I'm sure! L