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Help!! Im confused with contests eligibility Answered

hi i have a question and im sure others have the same enquiry, as everyone knows, instructables does not have a wide range of eligible countries for their contests. so im wondering if im from Malaysia (which is not an eligible country), can i still join a contest but have the prize (if i win)sent to an eligible country? Because i have a relative who is currently staying in Australia(eligible country) and i really want to join these awesome contests.

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4 years ago

Can an Instructable be entered into more than three contests? If I understand the rules correctly (which is always dodgy when I'm involved) an Instructable is limited to three but I've noticed some that are in at least 4.

The limit is three. HQ are aware of the oddities (the widget that detects excess entries got accidentally left out of a past update).

if i am a former pro member can I enter a contest?

Pro, not pro, ex-pro, it makes no difference - enter away.


5 years ago

thx. really appreciate it

The best thing to do is to get your relative to join the site, then make them a collaborator on your entry.

If you win, you can then legitimately give your relative's details for prize delivery.