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Help! My fingers wont straight flat Answered

It's been this for a long time, just noticed it when i Compare my hands with someone.

I really wouldn't ask this to how to straighten them hard flat and fingers joined. But my Commander in CAT(citizenship advancement training), and many of my fellow cadets noticed it too. I told my commander that it's been this since i was young, he said to flatten it to a wall, its more than 2 weeks on pressing it to the wall and my fingers are flat, except when i lift them off the wall.

i got some pics below, tell me if you need more from other angle or something :)

Now every time i salute, my fingers is always noticed. Any help?

(they even called me tentacles because of it)




If you are genuinely worried, go see a real doctor in the flesh.

Free medical advice from strangers on the internet is frequently worth less than you pay for it.

A friend of mine has the same "problem".

According to his doctor it is nothing more than joints that are more flexible than in other persons.

My friend can also bend her elbow out so instead of just a straight arm it actually goes a bit further.

If the position of your fingers is a concern when saluting, try some exercise:

Insteaf of forcing the fingers flat on a wall try to find the "sweet spot", where your fingers are stright.

I would think you can get them straight but using too much force results in the overbending.

Try it a bit more relaxed instead of using a lot of tension on all hand muskles.

thanks for a fast reply!

I got my finger's sweet spots :D
problem is, all fingers except the middle got their sweet spot, whenever the middle got the sweetspot, all other finger loose control D:

I'll try practicing those in a salute, cheers! =]

I know army times can be hard when it comes to such simple things as greeting but honestly I think training is the best option.

AFAIK there is neither a surgical way nor a need for it as it is a simple natural thing.

Im pretty getting the hang of it correctly i guess, still my knuckles wont straight as my fingers do, thanks again :D