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Help hosting a website using a WL-500gP Asus router + a 2GB flash drive Answered

Hello everyone,

As the title suggests I am trying to host my own website by using the device combo mentioned in the title. So far I managed to create a DNS hostname free from www.dyndns.com mostly because of my Dynamic IP address. I also managed to get the router to update the IP in dynds' database. The problem is that whenever I type in the hostname in the addressbar the router's login page shows up instead of the website (and I do understand why this is). The website itself is stored on the flash drive connected to the router via USB. I think that by typing ftp://my-hostname.dyndns.org/path-to-the-html-file-on-the-flashdrive  I can view the website but this is not very easy to remember so I doubt any person wanting to visit my site is going to remember the path.
Is there a way to make my website show up when typing the hostname instead of the router's login page?
And if not can I atleast, in some way, redirect people to the html file?


For now I cannot risk ruining my router and I will not attempt to do anything. I did however get my hands on an old laptop from a friend. The color LCD screen is now showing images in red and white only and the hard drive needed to be replaced but the 512mb of RAM is enough to host the website. For now problem solved.

Thank you all for your time.

Well I just checked XAMPP's minimum requirements and apparently it needs 64mb of RAM (correct me if I am wrong) but my router has just 32 mb of ram. I have seen on the internet people upgrading the RAM on their wl-500gP but I myself don't really want to try this. Are there any similar programs to XAMPP that can be run on a Linux OS and need around 10-20mB of RAM? Another thing I think should be mentioned is that I don't need MySQL (atleast not for now). Therefore if I can get only Apache to work (which can need as little as 16mb RAM to work) it would probably be better for my needs which brings me to another question: Can I get Apache to work on the wl-500gP?

. My suggestion to use XAMPP was meant to be used with a desktop computer - it's an all-in-one solution. Going by what you've said, it sounds like Apache (the A in XAMPP) alone may do everything you need.
. As for installing and config'ing, I suggest you find a forum that specializes in modding routers.
. When you figure out how it's done, post an Instructable.

Well when I will actually do this I will record it with a screen recorder or something for reference if I may need it in the future. And yeah sure I probably will upload it as an instructable.

After a long google search I found a website where some guy managed to install Debian (a Linux based OS) onto the router (amazingly it's the same type of router as I have). Do you think I can run the linux version of XAMPP on the router if I install Debian on it? Here is the link to the website http://carlo-hamalainen.net/blog/?p=30

If you can install Debian on to your router then you should certainly be able to run a XAMPP server.  With Debian it shouldn't even be a particularly tough install, there will be packages for all the software you need.

I'm currently setting up a LAMP (though it might end up as LHP, not sure if I want Hiawatha though) server on an old laptop, let me know how you get on!

Thanks for the reply. Before trying to install Debian I want to make sure of a couple of things: I can revert back to the original firmware of the router; I can still use the router to access the internet. I would also like to know If I can do this with dd-wrt? Isn't LAMP the same as XAMPP for Linux?

.  First thing you need is a web server. XAMPP works well for me and is a very easy install. IIRC, most flavors of Linux have a web server that gets installed when you install the OS. Make sure you assign a local IP address that is compatible with the router's local addrs to the computer running the server.
.  After you get the web server set up and running, reset your router config to the factory defaults. Re-enter the DynDNS info and it should start working.

Thank you for the reply. I am going to try XAMPp and then I am going to post a comment here to let you know how things are going. BTW do I need some special firmware for the router (such as dd-wrt)? Also I would like the server to work even if my PC is closed.

> do I need some special firmware for the router
.  No. It should work as it came from the factory. It may require a few tweaks to the config, but nothing major. See your router manual for more info on routing to a server on your LAN.
> Also I would like the server to work even if my PC is closed
.  The server has to have some type of computer to run on. Personal web servers don't usually require a lot of computer power - find an old computer and install your OS and server on it. Tell the router to send all port 80 traffic to that computer.

>The server has to have some type of computer to run on. Thats exactly why I asked about the firmware. Can I somehow install the server on the router?

. A Q&D search of the 'Net finds no mention of using that router as a server. Read the manual.

I did read the manual before posting this topic. Apparently the only kind of server the router officially supports is a ftp server on a lan network. Strangely I can acces that server from WAN.

I just tried XAMPP and it works great, at least for my needs. But my server still depends on the computer to be on. So the question still stands: can I install a server onto the router itself?