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Help me cloning my broken card :( Answered

(Check my pictures) My card is broken and i want to make a new one myself cuz its fun, but i have some questions. 1) The picture i uploaded here shows what i could see when i aproached light behind the card, i saw part of the PCB, how can i see the complete PCB? Melting the plastic is safe? Or the circuit can be affected too? How do i melt is? 2) The orange/brown card in the middle, how can i read its info to rewrite it again in my new card? 3) What kind of wire should i use in this electric card to make it as good as the real one?


I was able to see the WHOLE circuit now!! Where is the (...) you should see a circle, a tiny circle, could it be the battery? Can someone give me a basic notion how this cards works?

Yes they're RFID antenna. My antena just broken lol, how can i create a new antenna?

. I don't know. I would try some type of conductive paint/epoxy to repair the antenna, instead of making a new one.

I dont quite understand, if the chip still works, you should be able to just glue it into a new card.

yes it works, but i wanna do it from the scratch, its more fun to know how really things are made. How is this chip called? How can i learn more about it? Yes in last case i would just glue it to the new circuit.

ok, its just the entire circuit is in the chip, so you could glue that to a new card. Otherwise i think you could get arrested, because you would be committing fraud.

Commiting a fraud by backuping my info? there are some strange laws.. Anyway, to make the new circuit, what should i need? What's the tiny circle i see there?

Well, i dont know how to do it, but i know that copying a card, even your own is considered as fraud.

Ok, I'll be very careful then. But now im very curious, and like any other challenge of this kind, I want to take it to the end. Knowing how to build electronic cards by hand may spare me some money and time in the future. (I'm going to robotics soon :) )