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Help me create wear-able eyes that can move back and forth for Halloween! Answered

Hi!  This is my first time on this site,so i'm not sure where to ask for help with this.  I'm not very mechanically inclined, so I need all the help I can get to make this year's Halloween costume.  What i'm aiming to be is:  a Kit Kat Clock.  The tail wagging,eye moving pop culture kitchen icon.  I'm not so much worried about the tail bit, but the EYES are what are most important.

I had this grand vision of using a headband and affixing some spherical shapes with some sort of battery powered way to make them move back and forth.  The goal is to wear them on my head, no matter.   Maybe altering a pair of sunglasses could be cool, but something tells me i'll have trouble seeing.

Anyone, ANYONE with advice, please respond.  I don't even know where to start with this.  What are some things I can buy and take apart that would give me a back/forth - right/left mechanism?  The only thing that comes to mind is like a musical pendulum or something.  I would even offer money if someone has the know how to create this for me.



you guys are great! :D i was also thinking..i wouldn't mind wearing some sort of backpack thing so i could have a giant tail that assists in moving the eyes. similar to the way the clock works. like wearing a giant pendulum assembly. i'm gonna pick up one these clocks and get an idea for how it works.

Getting it small enough to wear or fit to sun glasses will be difficult.

I might try something like this. The plastic frame carries a thin cord or thread. Onto this you glue black pupils. At one end is an elastic band attached to the thread and the frame

Pulling on the other end of the thread will move the pupils to the left - the elastic band returns the pupils to the right.

If you want to automate this you will need to arrange for the string to be pulled by a motor perhaps a pager motor.


I might have an idea or two!
I'll draw this this WE and take time to explain how I would do it.