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Hi, I live in a crappy room in a basement and desperately need help arranging the cramped space. Answered

1. space for upright exercise bike
2. sewing/craft area
3. desk for studying
4. bed - I would love to have something bigger than a twin
5. storage! (no dresser)
I'm semi handy also :-)

The big square is a  furnace.  the tv sits on three 2.8" shelves which hold my clothes and random sewing projects.
Thank you!


welcome to the club, i have a bedroom of 2mtsx1,60mts


8 years ago

Without some dimensions it going to be hard to give much more than some general tips
1. Swap the locations of the bed and desk.
2. Put corner shelves above the new desk location
3. Put roller drawers under the bed.
4. Mount the TV on the high on the closet(?) wall bottom left side using an articulated wall mount.
5. Place 3-4 tier bin shelves(see image) against furnace(?) wall bottom right side.
6. Mount a collapsible wall table* on the wall between the bed and desk.

* You can make a collapsible wall table from an old folding card table. Remove two adjacent legs and fasten three hinges to the metal  band around the top on the same side you removed the two legs. Mount the hinges to the wall and table so that the table will fold upwards against the wall. Use a small "S" hook and chain to hold the table up. When you lower the table, unfold the legs and you'll have a nice sewing area.


Answer 8 years ago

A picture of the bins I  mentioned:


8 years ago

All I can suggest, is not to see your room as a 'flat';-see it as a 'cube' and go upwards-as is suggested here.

There are instructable/s for loft beds, and all kinds of spacesavers!

(Keep walls and ceiling in a light colour to 'create' space. Use a large mirror for same if you can afford it).

Good luck!


8 years ago

A double-bunk bed would work well.

My cousin is going to come stay by me over December and what I've planned is to make a double bunk from scaffolding.  Yes, builder's scaffold!
Cheap, easy to assemble and theirs no chance of it braking or coming apart.

Put the bed higher up and have a couch (for TV Viewing) or the desk under the bed.  If you put the desk under the bed, you can get a corner bracket for the TV and mount it higher up so you can watch it from your bed.

This way you'll free up quite a bit of floor space and the standard sizes of the scaffold cross-members is almost exactly the same as a double (twin) bed.

Hope this helps.

Hard to answer as you've already got some organisation in place, and you've only got that much. Are you after storage-solutions - things under the bed, hanging from the ceiling etc?