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Hi, where can I learn how to make gold plated metal jewelry with enamel coating? Answered

I´ve been doing jewelry using polymer clay for years, I have examples:

But now I want to update, and learn how to make gold plated metal jewelry with or without enamel coating, like these gorgeous pieces:

All her jewelry is gorgeous to me, but where can I learn how to make those things? I have my own ideas, but I would like to work with better materials!


Gold plating kits can be found through google.


It's very hard for an amateur to get the plating thick enough to be durable.

I make almost all my jewellery from silver. In my opinion a much more modern and understated precious metal.

However the gold band round this silver ring cost 10 X the price of the silver it took to make it.

Enameling is a tricky process to get right and you need some special equipment to do it successfully. I would look at cold enameling, a much easier process for the amateur jeweller. Again Google will guide you.


Gold plating is done by a galvanik reaction, simila to creating a chrome finnish.
If you know how to galvanically create a copper layer on steel you already know how it works, just different chemicals are used.
Only concern is that the chemicals required are quite costly, being gold and so and that of course they are not really healthy.
Godd thing about gold plating is that you only need very thin layer to make it look like pure gold.
If your topic is not just advertise your website and Youtube account I suggest you check Wikipedia for a start:

And from there use Google to find detailed instructions on galvanising.
Although you might find that is easier and cheaper to prepare your parts and have them galvanised for you.
This way you don't have to handle harmful (and sometimes toxic) chemicals.