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Homemade rubber lint roller Answered

I go through lint rollers like crazy. I hate loose hair. Makes me gag. I saw the infomercial for the new Mr.Sticky rubber lint roller you wash off and its sticky enough like the tape ones. That would save me about a million dollars a lifetime...give or take. Problem is the set is 29$ not bad...but if I could save that money and use it on...1/18th tank of gas that would be so helpful. So , someone, please help me ? Get me started, middle, end, a piece anything. Everyone on this site is brilliant. we could control the world=> Lets start with my rubber lint roller!



2 years ago

I agree, there are some affordable classing lint brushes online. If you really are wanting a rubber one though, check the pet grooming section.

I have no idea how to make a sticky roller. But I beg to differ with the previous persons reply. I bought one of these at the State Fair and have loved it ever since. Does it still look new, no way! It's ugly and stained now. Yet 19 years later, I still use the original one I bought. And it still works like magic everytime!

Save money and start using a $2 role of masking tape. A single $2 role of tape is equivalent to 2 or 3 $2 large lint rollers.

But if your stuck on those rubber rollers then have a look around. They are available everywhere and for less then the infomercial. You can get them on Amazon for $13 before shipping. So you'll save $3 or $4 there. Just remember the rubber rollers won't last forever. I'm sure after 100 uses they wont be as sticky. You may be able to save yourself $20 or $30 over using the lint rollers. But you will eventually have to buy a new set of roller. In the long run you would probably save more money with masking tape.

But if your looking for ways to save money there are allot better options to look at.