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How Famous Am I? Answered

I dunno, really, no sure I care. But my dog is famous. Yeah, I just wanted to brag.


on the one hand, clicking that link could give me a virus. on the other, i could see pics of someones dog. ill just say 5.

Paranoia strikes deep. Into your life it will creep. It starts when you're always afraid. Step outta line, the men come, and take you away

huh. I always thought it was "the Man come, and take you away", which has a slightly different tilt to it. Google results seem split about 50:50 ! (Never look up the lyrics of songs that you thought were particularly clever. Chances are you mis-heard, and the real lyrics aren't as clever as the lyrics you thought you heard. ("so many different words. So many different swords." Sigh.))

Yeah, actually I like "Man come and take you away" better, and considering the era the song was written in Man seems a better choice than men.

Your dog gets a 3.