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How To Get What You Want Answered

Holy Lo, it's the Mecca of All Things Soft-Tech.

Stretch sensors. Knit stretch sensors. Soldering conductive thread. Soldering conductive fabric (why hadn't I thought of that yet?). Fabric switches. Workshops, workshops, workshops! Solar tshirts, piano tshirts, fabric sensors, and, gobs of INSTRUCTABLES from user Plusea and mikamika. WooHoo!

Check out stuff you know, stuff you don't know, and stuff you never thought about all in one easy place! How to Get What You Want.


Thanks Hannah and Mika!


For goodness sake, PLEASE don't wear it to the airport!!!

What don't you get? The joke I posted? What these items are for? Why this Forum Topic was posted under Craft? Why anybody associated with Instructable would even consider talking about anything other than K'nex?

Did you look at the Web site? Did you try typing "soft-tech" into either a Google or Wikipedia search? Glad that Kiteman was willing to explain it to you himself, but really, there is a nearly infinite resource available to you.

Wearable electronics and "smart" materials are a growing part of Maker culture. The website showcases lots of different examples, such as a stretch-sensor knitted from silver-coated nylon thread. Placed on the back of a glove, its resistance changes as the fingers are bent. That change could, in turn, act as a control input. Attach similar sensors to each join of your body, and you could control the motions of a character in a video-game down to the slightest twitch of the trigger-finger. Or you could connect the sensors to a synthesiser, and you could turn the movement of your body into musical notes - you could write music through choreography.

Think Geek had / has a wearable thumb drum t-shirt :-)

The Wireless detector tee and cap interest me too.

Cool, bookmarked.

Sometimes, you just might find you get what you need...