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How can I chip a dynamo on a vintage car so that it will give out amperage to meet the draw from lamps etc? Answered




8 years ago

Thanks for your reply. I am running 12volt system. I'm in the UK & the Vintage Sports Car Club here do not allow modifications such as fitting an alternator. So even for night rallies in winter you would be disqualified for running with one!! I read somewhere that the old dynamo could be "chipped" to give an output hat varied with the demand - going higher than the standard 10 amps if required but cannot find any detail on how to do it.

If you are trying to get more amps out of the original product you probably can't.  What most people do in adapt a modern alternator, even though it's not original style.  If you are showing the car, most judges allow for safety improvements, atleast in the shows I exibited my '32 Ford in.

It would be easy to get a more modern and powerful generator or adapt a modern alternator to your car.  There are kits that have instructions and brackets.  Part of the problem is that you are running 6 volts and there is a reason that no one builds cars using 6 volt systems anymore, a 12 volt system is just a better system.