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How can I clean a 10" circular (skill) saw? Answered

I have a 10" 18V circular saw, never used/brand new, that my kitten decided to urinate all over :-(
Is their a way to clean it?
I was thinking about submerging it in a bucket of rubbing alcohol to soak for a few hours. Then let it air dry for a few days to a week+ to make sure it drys completely.



7 years ago

In the early years of my construction company I made most of the repairs to the power tools myself. To fix up a tool was left out in the rain or otherwise got wet, I would blow it out thoroughly with an air compressor and then spray all electrical parts and connections with a quick dry electronic cleaner. Just try to not get it on any of the bearings. You can get it at most auto parts retailers.
Your two main concerns are to remove any liquid that has pooled inside the case and to make sure the bearing lubricants haven't been compromised.
For the cat urine, I wouldn't do anymore than what I did for a tool that had gotten wet.

+1. Electronic cleaner.


7 years ago

18 volt I am guessing means its a battery powered saw. First do not soak the batteries or battery pack in anything. If you do they will short out, drain all their power and probably overheat and destroy themselves.
The very most I would do, and only if it was extreme, would be to take the housing apart and wash the plastic. Putting it all back together might be a problem depending on how complex the saw is. I dismantle my electric chainsaws to clean and lube them and as long as you keep all the parts together you can usually reassemble them pretty easily.
Cat pee is not toxic, it may smell like it but its not. Its also water based so alcohol might not even clean it all. What I found works best is just 409 spray cleaner. If you have or know somebody that does professional cleaning, like carpet cleaning they have special stuff for removing urine and also for odder killing. You could probably get some of that if your not happy with the 409.
Kittens do like to do that for some reason. I had them pee on one of my APC battery backups. Once they get bigger they usually give it up. Usually.

The saw should be fairly well sealed, so I doubt that much liquid got inside the housing. I would use some sanitizing wipes like you would use for kitchens and bathrooms and just clean the outside. I don't think you want to submerse it in any type of solvents that could damage insulation or dilute any internal lubricants.

If it were me, I'd just clean the outside with lysol then plain wet paper towels. Let it dry and the use the heck out of it. I doubt that the cap pee is going to do any damage.

Alcohol will take the lube off the bearings and then they WILL burn out unless you replace it. It probably won't hurt the wire insulation or much of anything else.