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How can I export my Instructables inbox ? Answered

I have a rather "full" Instructables inbox, filled with notes from many fellow members with pleasant conversations, and threads of exchanges with folks wanting clarification on the answers I've given. I get into regular correspondence with some people, and one or two I am proud to call friends.

Unfortunately in 350+ postings, with non-existent threading, the messages are not easy to navigate: So I'd like to have a tidy up.

The Question !
Is there a quick method for exporting my inbox somehow ?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Ask someone that works for you nicely to make you a Perl script?

Shouldn't be too hard, I need to write one to mark all my inbox as read. (197 unread)

I shall ask nicely, and give you a BA....if you write it.....


Copy and paste. If you are on a mac then to select all push command A. If you are on PC push control A.

For 350 messages ????? I haven't the patience. Ideally exporting them as .MBX or an email format would be ideal.

If the perl script solution doesn't cut it, let me know and we surely get you a one-time data dump.

Jaye's script is working well, and can be re-run without grovelling to HQ.....


Good question!

(I just looked - 2040 in my inbox!)

Good grief. You'd think 'Ibles would want their server space back by now.....
Maybe one of the script kiddies could be unleashed ?????


.  A fellow Ibler wrote a nice Perl script for me that grabs the number of Best Answers for a list of usernames. The same Ibler could probably write a script for you. I can't reveal his name, but his initials are Jayefuu. If you have some influence with him, you may be able to talk him into at least trying.

I'll have to see if I can make contact with him at some point

I had a similar thought when I noticed how many images I had in my library (now over 3000), but Eric said that memory is cheap...