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How can I make IR dongle with more power??? Answered




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Use heavier wire is all I can suggest...

No pics, no reference, no values what was the power you think is too low ?

Ahhhh You asked that previous question.


You need a DIY LED driver amplifier. That means pushing higher current through the IR LEDs with Exactly the same sharp signal timing and no sloppy slopes.

In LED infrared light the current is what increases the range of your dingus

I'm just too wiped to design one today.

Try cruising Google for a bit :)

From reading your responses to the Questions you have asked, I'm guessing that this is one of your Earlyer DIY electronics projects.

Simply type the question into Google just as you asked it here and you will be surprised what you can learn ! (Ebay may have a pre-made Option Btw)

Btw Stick with ONE question thread at a time. Then you have the same people viewing one question (Insted of Six similar questions spread over two weeks) we can all bounce Ideas off each other and give you a better answer!

And Giving a few "Best Answers" wouldn't hurt. We all pour a fair bit of time to help out the Community. Even if it's not the Answer you may be looking for it's a nice way to say thanks :)

A really gentle informative answer.

I usually point out that you don't want to mow your lawn with a locomotive because it can easily get out of hand.

Where can I find DIY LED driver amplifier???

DIY if you look it up means DO IT YOURSELF

How can I make IR dongle with external battery?