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How can I make a SlingCatcher? Answered

I want to be able to watch my local sports at a vacation home. I have internet access, but the local TV has teams I don't care about.

My plan was to buy a Slingbox (to broadcast) and SlingCatcher (to receive), but Sling quit making them. 


Here is my attempt at it.... I started a project for it so you can grab the code and tinker with it. It is called "Minimal headless tv server for mobile devices + functional channel remote" At this alpha stage of the project you would have to config your own local frequency settings and channel names. I added a youtube demo for you too.


I went to both sites and they were nearly there.
I was thinking that you could set up a video capture card. the capture card would pull the channel. set up an arduino remote on the same computer and from there use one of the "go to my pc" programs. it lets you remotely control and see the pc as if you were sitting in front of it. I've used vnc to remotely access my home computer.