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How can I make a reel cover for a fishing rod? It needs to cover the reel and the exposed hook. Answered


what kind of reel? trolling, casting, spincast, underspin, spinning? you need a different reel cover for each.

I very rarely transport a rod with a hook still attached to the line for several reasons including safety.  But here is a method I use when leaving a popper or jig on one of my rods. Blocks of polyproplene held in place with a rubber band. 

http://www.bigfishtackle.com/hooksafe2.htm is a commercial product you migbht want to try.

take the lure (artificial) and stretch it iver the end of the hook so it is a J shape, the lure will guard the end of the hook and prevent it from snagging, (caution, using live bait instead of a lure may result in a show of disgust from your spouse, children, brother, mother, father, dog, random strangers,)

We use a wide rubber band (or better yet), a piece of electric tape wrapped around the rod to tuck the hook under to avoid removing it (the hook) when in storage. I wrap the tape just forward of the reel.

You need something to cover the ends of a fishing pole? How about an old pair of socks?

Thanks, but that wouldn't work because the hook would "catch" on the socks. The whole idea is to keep from removing the hook from the line each time the rod is stored, thereby preventing tangling with other rigs.

Thank you for your input. What I am looking for is a simple "wrap" for each individual rod. We have a rod locker in the boat, but the hooks tangle with one another and short of taking the hook off each time, I was looking for something I could put over each hook or the hook/line itself.

This is for transport?
I made a tough case using fabric and resin, might be a bit of an effort though?
Heat-shaping plastic might do it for you, but that's not so easy either.
And papier-mache takes a while to dry...

Maybe one of these gives you an idea?