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How can I sense the movement of my two cats throughout my house, easily and cheaply? Answered

I want to be able to detect where my two cats are within my house using an Arduino and some sensors. Accuracy doesn't need to be 100%, as long as I know which room they are in or which side of a room, that will do. I thought of using RFID tags and readers, but I would need one reader per room or area and they are very expensive. XBEE triangulation is a possibility, but this also sounds expensive and not sure of teh size of the devices the cats need to carry, I then thought maybe an IR lamp on the collar and a sensor in the room, but this requires a lot of power meaning a bulky pack on the collar, which I don't want. Final idea is maybe one cat has an IR reflective patch on the collar and the other a UV reflective patch and an IR and UV sensor in each room that sends out a flash of IR and UV every 10 seconds or so. But not sure if this is safe and if it can be done. So..... I'm looking for ideas from the community. It must not cost a lot. The cats mustn't need to carry anything bulky. The devices need to be wireless. Any ideas please? Thanks, Mike


Hire some kid to sit in your house and text you their location every 5 minutes?

You could buy a PIR motion sensor and wire the output to an esp wifi module, then hook that up to a thingspeak account. Then, it's just a matter of ON or OFF.

If you somehow have more than 2 pulses at any one time, you might have other problems.

Didn't see the other guy who suggested this. I stand by my first suggestion though.

What? Arundo? You don't need that! I have a solution that costs a few dollars. All you need are some bells, some string, and the ability to use your opposable thumbs to tie knots. Tie the bells to the cat (I'm debating whether the collar or tail is best... Probably collar) and there you go!

I have always gone with bells. Cats are too damn sneaky.

. Passive IR should work to tell you when one or more cats are in the room. Something like the sensors on automatic porch lights1.
. I'd stay away from active UV - you probably wouldn't need enough power to harm the animals, but why take the chance?

1 Not a recommendation for that particular type, brand, or vendor, just the first one I found that was close.

How would that tell the difference between the two cats? Also, people in the room? Surely that is just going to detect movement of anything emitting IR in the room?

. You are correct. I didn't understand that you needed to differentiate.