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How can I using a MAME Joystick (Happ Joystick) with a reverse polarity motor? Answered

I'm trying to use a Happ Joystick to control 2 reverse polarity motors. (But for this will just talk about one motor) If the joystick is pointing up the motor should go clockwise (+ -) If the joystick is pointing down the motor should go counter-clockwise (- +)I would like to use the Happ Controller because it's an 8-way joystick. Because of the happ joystick is meant to work, I know I need some sort of realy somewhere, I just don't know where. This will be connected to a 18 or 12 volt DC power supply.

This is something very similar as the Simple wired 2 motor control joystick. But I'm looking for something a little more larger, robust, and can handle abuse.

Thanks for any help.


Ran into a slight problem when I went to test the motor with the Potentiometer. The motor worked when tested but it fried the potentiometer. I used a 12v power supply, and a 10k-Ohm Linear-Taper Potent 500VDC 0.5watts, soon the powers supply will be changed out to 18v, what kinda of potentiometer do I need to use?

Heres the current box, still waiting for the joystick to ship.

This is the power supply.

  • Input: 100 - 240V, AC 1.6 AMP, 47Hz to 63Hz
  • Output: 18V, DC
  • Maximum load: Can be used for 0mA to 4400mA or 4.4 Amp.
  • With Changeable Polarity

Maybe I'm misinterpreting the diagram, or maybe my brain is just fried, but are there multiple connections going to pin 1&3, why would they be in 2 different places, thats what's throwing me off. Wiring diagrams are not exactly my strong point, i'm a trial and error kinda guy.

Alright I finally have it all figured out(I think)...Unfortunately I bought 120v AC Relay, so I can't do a complete test till tomorrow. But plugging the Relay into the wall, everything seemed to go accordingly.
I don't count myself as a complete novice with this stuff, but I had no technical trainning when it comes to this, so its hard sometime to understand wiring diagrams. But once really sat down with the relay, and great for the fact that it had a clear cover to see how it all was held together, I think I can now put it all together.

Here's my diagram, sorry for the crude drawing.

No, TWO relays PER MOTOR.


Here is a physical wiring diagram, all your pin numbers are as per your parts.

motor relay wiring.jpg

Thanks for the physical diagram, but I got that I need 2 relays, I only drew one because once you have one the others are easy. THanks again for all the help, couldn't of done it otherwise. I ordered all the parts on friday, so they will probably ship tomorrow, will see how far I can get done by next weekend. I'll be sure to start document everything as well to go up here.

Just a side thought I was thinking about, At some point this rig might have to be mounted upside-down, Can I put a DPDT Switch just off the battery that would switch all the controls at once?

Well your physical diagram showed the motor on one relay, not on two.

Reversing the battery will reverse the motor.

Try this: Only one relay is on when you move the stick.

You'll need 2 relays, wired like this, per motor:

The diode bridge is there for noise proofing, as is the 100 Ohm resistor and 0.1uF capacitor. The motor will arc less if you add the bridge

What type of Relays would I use. From what I understand I need something like a DPDT relay. I just don't know how to wire a joystick like this in. Is there a type of relay that can send + & - through once a power signal is connected? The relays that have 30,85,86,87 on them, will that do it?

You need "DT" for sure, but SP or DP will work just fine.

What I've drawn in the circuit I've given you will do what you exactly what you want. You can add "trimmings" that will make sure you can't drive the thing through the stops of your pan/tilt mechanism that I can add for you.

What are the motors rated at current wise, and where in the world are you  ? If I know both, I can suggest some relays.

Pretty chunky motors. I'm going to guess at at least 5 amps a piece. Radio Shack lists suitable ones, but automotive ones would be ideal. Try a Napa or Pepboys near you - I tried their websites, but they don't like selling "generic" relays. You MUST get double throw relays.


I JUST got back from "The Shack" (they are re-labeling I got the whole story) and picked up a DPDT Plug-In Relay

     1_____      _____2
                |      |
     3-->/<-|      |->\<---4
          /                 \
     5_/                   \__6

Do you understand what they were doing in the instructable and how the wiring is supposed to work?
What type of motor(s) do you want to drive (like how much power), and does it really need to be joystick controlled or would one switch do you instead?


It's meant to Pan and Tilt a Camera Rig. I wanted to use a 18v dc power supply so I can place a variable resistor to change the speed of the motors with another control.  So one hand would be on the joystick and one hand would be on a nob to change the speed(voltage).

The wiring diagram I came up with always will send a negative or positive to the motors which just wont work.

Between yourself and steve I'm sure you'll get this done. Please publish an Instructable when you do.


From beginning to end for sure!