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How can i build a time travel machine on the cheap? Answered




9 years ago

A time machine on the cheap? Easy! I have been using one regularly actually, and I have made them for almost next to nothing. Of course, given the materials will ultimately determine the effectiveness of the device. It is simple, first you need a flat surface, a floor perhapse, and something that you can support your head with, like a pillow. Now, with the floor and pillow, lay on the floor, preferably in an area with low lighting, and rest your head on the pillow. Make sure to clear your mind and close your eyes, and after about 20-30 minutes, you should be able to activate the device. Of course, I have only had success in traveling forward in time, but I can usually go around 7-9 hours in the future. Once the 20-30 minutes are up, open your eyes and check a clock for results.

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well if you have a ripple effect machine that will tranport you to the time line in space time cotenyoum that the machine will tell the time of day year month in the past you cant go to the future it hasnt been made yet but the machine will traport you to the speed of light through the time line to make it go back to your time line will probally be tricky but if this machine will be made the danger of going to the past,one second you step in the past and the future will be damage but there is no such thing in this machine to be CHEAP!!!!

"How can i build a time travel machine on the cheap?"

So easy.  Sit in a chair facing a clock.  You are now moving forward in time.

Some kind of alcohol-delivery system? L

I've actually built a time-machine in a shoe-box which can transport me, the Earth, the rest of the Solar system and every visible (and non-visible) object in the Universe any amount of time forwards or backwards instantaneously. Trouble is, I can't tell if it's working!

Research psychic time travel. No machine needed, so it's about as cheap as you can get. Of course it takes most folks decades of study to learn to control and sustain this, and it isn't quite as versatile as the machines. Can't have everything...

YOU can't. You pissed me off in the real timeline, so I will-went back and changed what could-should have happened and delayed the production of time travel units until just after you are involuntarily committed to 'Full-life' (a computer generated reality connected directly to your brain-coming soonish) by your family : )

I duno the hardest part will be gettin the DeLorean lol

Just wait a few more years until consumer time travel machines are available to the general public. They will probably be a common and disposable appliance like today's microwave ovens and TVs. Get one, go back into the past and change the price to make them even more affordable. Good luck.

To actually work or just as a prop. If you want to make a working one, youy will need a LOT of money. If it is just a prop, specify that in the question