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How can i make an Automated Plant Watering for plants on balcony? Answered

I have one tap and 8 flowerpots on a balcony. How can i construct an  Automated Plant Watering for plants?



7 years ago

If you want to have all the pots watered every day at the same time, then you can buy a timelock for your tap and a drippingsystem for in the pots (aka a hose with a stop in the end and very tiny holes drilled where your pots are).

If you want to have each pot watered individually to its needs, you will need 8 electronic controllable valves, 8 moisture sensors, a microcontroller and some hoses.

You can find a circuit for a moisture sensor here

I didn check it out closely, just googled for it.

Hi Jan,
Should you ever feel the urge to try it, you need to be careful with "DC" moisture sensing circuits, they tend to electrolyse the water at the probes, and that corrupts the readings badly, especially if the soil is highly conductive. The only really reliable way is to use an AC measurement method.

I actually build a dc moisture sensor on a 9V battery some years ago. It was one of the first things I ever build (it looked rather similar, if I remember correctly but with a buzzer and without microcontroller). I was very pleased with it then as it was one of my first builds :P

learned something again today,

Thanks Steve

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