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How can you reattach the ant. in cord to t.v if the ant.in broke? Answered

Behind both the T.V and the DVD player the plugins (Ant. in.)antenna in. was the only cable connection needed to operate properly. But the plug in behind the T.V has broke so the little screw (plugin )that came out of the T.V . Can it be fixable? Can the wires be spliced or anything?



Since you're asking this question I'm going to assume you don't have any experience working on tv's. I'm not trying to be sarcastic here. Opening the back of a tv carries life threatening risks. I'm not kidding. The picture will hold several thousand volts for weeks after it's been turned off. There is a way to discharge it but it involves connecting a resistor here and there. Best bet would be to just take the set into the shop and let the repair guy fix it. It should be a cheap repair job if you know what you are doing.

Sure, just splice a fresh connector or solder the old one back on. If you can't see the wire, you'll have to take the back off (careful, high voltage even when disconnected) and retrieve/check where the RF went in. Unless something on the board broke when the plug broke, reconnect and there you go. RF connectors are just a copper wire with a shield around it. If the old connector doesn't work, chop a regular RF cable and connect that, get a female-female or a splitter to put on it or connect to where you want it connected.