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How can you suspend a china cabinet hutch above a buffet? Answered

What is the best way to convert one of these http://www.dutchcrafters.com/Amish-Craftsman-Mission-China-Hutch/p/3956  kinds of things with a hutch stacked on top of a buffet to one of these http://www.rockler.com/CustomerGalleryDetail.cfm?Project=403 that are raised up, so we can use the buffet surface?


I would agree with mpilchfamily, that would certainly be what I would do.
Failing that you could take the doors apart & shorten them to say half the current depth & add a shelf to form a cupboard at the top.

Thanks Nostalgic Guy! Good idea. I think I want to keep all the storage though..

I'm sorry to everybody for the pictures, they aren't my china cabinet. I was just trying to explain what I meant by exposed buffet.

Depends on the construction of the hutch and if the top is easily separated from the bottom. If it can be easily separated then all you have to do is build up a nice looking set of supports to hold up the top half of the unit.

Thanks mpilchfamily! They are easily separated. The hutch merely sits atop the buffet. (Centered, as it is slightly smaller) I could redneck-rig it with a pair of bricks, but I'm worried about the hutch falling, because its narrow, and top-heavy and full of china. Also, it should be attractive. Maybe some interstitial piece of furniture could attach to each? With metal strapping across the back parts? Does that sound sturdy? What's strong enough to hold the cabinet, but will expose the surface of the buffet?

How tall is the room you want to put this in? The unit is already over 7 feet tall. If it comes in two pieces and it probably does then you could hang the upper unit just like upper cabinets are hung. the surface on the buffet that is under the upper piece may not be finished and may have screw holes to attach the upper unit. I have a similar unit that has semi finished surfaces under the upper unit and screw holes. The listing says that you can talk to a furnature specialist so call them and ask.

Thanks Re-design! They are separate pieces, both completely finished. The room is 10 feet where the china cabinet is. I can't do extensive work to my rental, but cabinet-style hanging does sound the most secure of my options. Of all the furniture-mods the internet is rife with, I was surprised not to find anyone else trying this.....