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How do I build a catapult with HIGH ACCURACY target hit? Answered

I want to build a catapult that will hit exactly 3 meters away in pinpoint ..!!
And later adjusted so as to hit 4 and 5 meter away too..?


Look into making a trebuchet - you'll be able to adjust the range by altering the size of the counterweight.

Most catapults are simple machines - spring driven (of some sort) arm launches a projectile.

If the spring is always pulled the same amount (accounting for wear and tear) - and the projectile is always loaded the same way and always weighs the same, it will always hit the same spot. From there you can calibrate an aiming system.

If you really want to hit the exact same spot you need to take into account changing atmospheric conditions like humidity, temp, wind, and pressure.

True, but those details will be very minute when considering a projectile that only goes 3m. The ballistic physics will be orders of magnitude more influential than any aerodynamic considerations (assuming a spherical cow)

Given all the variables your not going to get pin point accuracy. But you will be able to dial it in to hit a general area at the distance you want.

With the short distances you want i suspect this is a cubical war machine right? If so you shouldn't have too much of a problem keeping the projectiles on target.

Do you mean a sling shot? If so the to get accuracy you need to practicable.

If you mean a mechanical catapult eh trebuchet then lots of detail on line. You need consist ant ammunition and power for repeatability


5 years ago

Pumpkin Chuckers websites and youtube will give you more engineering and ideas on a method for making a decent one yourself
good building.