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How do I fix an IBM Thinkpad battery? Answered

My family has this really old IBM Thinkpad that sits in my room nowadays. It runs Windows 98 Second Edition (SE). It's a pretty good little unit, but the battery won't hold a charge, and thus, only works when plugged in. Is there any way to fix this without having to buy a new battery? Also, how much RAM can it take?



No, batteries die. You can buy generic ones that will be fine.

How much RAM depends on the EXACT model of laptop - and I've found Tpads are VERY sensitive to the "right" specification.


Theoretically, if you can find the right kinds of cells (may be any of several depending on the age of the machine), you might be able to crack open the case and replace just them.

I'd be nervous, though; if they don't match the charger properly unpleasant things can happen (modern batteries are a lot less forgiving than older rechargables were), and of course they need to be fairly high capacity in order to power the PC for any reasonable length of time so they may not be cheap.

Buying a second-source battery pack may be simpler.

(Frankly, if it's running Win98 I suspect it won't accept all that much more memory than it already has. That's an old machine by today's standards, and Win98 had memory addressing limits of its own. I disposed of my own Win98 box as not being worth keeping even though it was still functioning perfectly.)

Well, I was told it could take up to 92MB of RAM from its original 32MB. I was thinking of installing WinXP on it once I got the disc, but I heard that XP needs 128MB of RAM to run. Is this true, or can I upgrade? Also, how do I upgrade the RAM (My RAM is PC133)?