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How do I make my yard less boring? Answered

I keep my yard mowed and edged, and my hedge trimmed. I have even planted some sunflowers, spearmint, garlic chives and such in the little flower bed along my walkway, but my yard just seems boring. What can I do to make it look more interesting and appealing? I was thinking about taking out the hedge along the wall, but what could I put there?


What are your interests? What are your hobbies? What sports do you enjoy? Perhaps you can reflect a bit of your own personality into your yard. For generic suggestions: - Redneck lawn ornaments... get a rusty pickup truck and park it on the lawn, without wheels. Kidding... - Build a rock garden - Build a fountain, pond or a water-wall. - Add some outdoor furniture, like a nice bench, chairs, or a swing. - Add some more dramatic plants and flowers. Head to the garden centre and go wild. - And speaking of wild, perhaps there's too much structure in your garden. Straight line-paths and neat little rows of plants are boring. Try to bring a little natural chaos by installing a swerving path, scattering plants in random clumps, or whatever.


9 years ago

I had no trouble viewing it. Perhaps you altered something?

Don't plant in a square as you currently have,-(keep the hedge of course!).

Perhaps dig up half the lawn closest to the outside boundary.... \ like this. (Across the boundary corner). Check around your neighbourhood to see the plants that work for your area. If your budget is tight, try to get some cuttings from them!

If you can manage it, go to the plant nursery with a list of plants that work (or take their advice), and plant tallest at back.

If you are not a good gardener, plant small trees or shrubs, and perennial ground covers at the front.

This half and half at an angle, - will break-up the boring square, but still leave you with a smaller amount to plant.

Put some bright annual flowers in those pots on your porch to give some instant brightness. That leaves only a a pot size to repot with some bright stuff.

Fix a half-moon wall basket on the wall beside your door, with a hanging plant, appropriate to the light source.

I love gardening!

Good luck!


Answer 9 years ago

Oops! I enlarged the photo. They aren't pots-they're hedge!! You seem to have a concrete bed across the front of your porch. Sorry, but you need to take out anything that grows tall-it will impede your view of your bright new garden! The perfect solution there would be to plant something that will grow to only a foot high max,-and plant the same thing,all along the bed. It will frame the porch, but not impede the view.

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