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How do I paint Peter Pan flying over Neverland? Answered

 Hi! I wanted to paint with acrylics Neverland from Disney's film Peter Pan, but I don't know how to sketch the island itself and how to paint the green tree and blue water texure...

I was planning to paint Peter Pan in a big scale flying over Neverland with TinkerBell. but how do I draw him? (TinkerBell won't be a problem, I can paint her as a spot of light)

Any tips? Thanks!


It would help a lot to see the scene that you are wanting to recreate.  I, personally, would be able to answer your question much more easily.
Most of it depends on sylistic preference, but in general, I would just advise you to pay attention to the simpler shapes within what you are coppying.  There can be darker triangles on the side of smaller waves that are against the light, darker nooks and crannies of the island's edge, and darker regions of a face, usually around the nose and under the eyes.  Noticing these as individual shapes instead just one big object helped me a lot.
Hope I was able to explain that suffciently.
Again, I could probably help more if you were able to specify the exact scene/style you are wanting to coppy.

 Yes it helped a lot! Thank you... I added the images of neverland and Peter Pan... I would like to have peter exactly like that but with neverland as a background.... and also add more shadows on peter, I think...


See illustrated copy of this question.