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How do I request a new instructable? Answered

Hi everyone, I'd like to make a request to all the clever people out there for a new instructable - can you let me know how to do this please? Thanks in advance x


First thing is to make absolutely sure it hasn't already been done. Use the search function upper right hand corner of the screen and search a few times, wording the search in several ways so as to not miss a possible difference of titling. .

If there are positively none to be found, you could, as already suggested, open a forum topic for the request OR if you find a forum topic that is similar, you could either contribute a post there asking for it, or pm the person that started the topic and ask them.

I hope some of this helps in some way.


9 years ago

As plane phantic said: Post a forum topic for it here (Burning Questions section). :-)

You can post a forum topic recommending it, but right now there is not any other way to request one.