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How do I rewire my mouse to make a pistol mouse? Answered

I found this tutorial and I would love to know how to rewire my mouse to make into a pistol mouse?


I have a Gateway MOAKUO optical mouse.

On the back of the circuit board my mouse has the left click switch in a vertical position and the right click switch on a horizontal position right next to the switch for the wheel.

My problem is that I don't know in which of the terminals of the switch do I connect the cables that come from the controller, the switches have 3 little thingies where I can connect them.  In the instructable would be step # 3.

I have some pics of my mouse. LC stands for left click switch, RC stands for right click stich and the red little squares represent where the little red push button on the switch would be placed on the other side of the picture. thank you very much for your time. Please help.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Looks like standard microswitches. If so, they may be labeled on the side, near their terminals, with C, NO, and NC. C is common. NO is Normally Open; when the switch is pressed, C connects to this. NC is Normally Closed; when the switch is pressed, C _disconnects_ from this.

If they aren't labeled, try a multimeter on the switch terminals in various combinations until you figure out which is which.