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How do I send a 125mb mpeg file thru yahoo email that only allows a 25mb file? Answered

I sometimes take videos on my digital camera, but when I want to send them as an attachment on email, yahoo! limits my attachment to a 25mb file. So how do I do this? My videos are 2 -3 minutes each, but when I check how big they are, they're usually 125-180mb. I'm not very tech-minded, so explain in detail. Thanks.


I highly recommend www.streamfile.com It gives you (guest access) a 24-hour ability to upload files, and send them to wherever, up to 150 megs. If you sign up, you can have 48 hours and 250 megs. The recipient can start downloading as soon as you start uploading (no waiting!) Just go to the address, choose the file, add their email address (no spam!!!) and click go!

*I feel I wasn't clear there. It's free unlimited use, up to 150 megs, with very little retention. There are other file hosting sites (rapidshare.net) but they're annoying to use as a free user. They have a $5/month option but it's almost completely unnecessary for everyday sharing tasks.

Compress them, at 2-3 min you should easily get them into <25Mb. What video software have you got - anything that came free with Windows?
(or use a file-splitter...)


Find a software that will break it into pieces. Stuffit used to do this, I don't know if it still does or not since I haven't needed it in a very long time.

That's another workable solution. Zip also used to be able to do this, though I'm not sure the feature is still there. (It was needed back in the days of diskettes; it's rarely needed now that you can get half a gig on a CD and more on a memory key or DVD.)

Video out of the camera is already compressed. You REALLY aren't likely to be able to compress it another 5x. The answer is to stop trying to send it through Yahoo email. Get yourself a free website account somewhere. Upload the file to that. Send email telling folks the URI to use to view it. Or, if you don't mind the whole world seeing it, upload it to one of the video sharing services. Or get a real, paid, email account somewhere that doesn't limit attachment size -- but be aware that folks tend to be (correctly!) suspicious of large attachments, and (correctly!) extremely annoyed if they're on the far end of a slow connection and you're tying up their wire with a video they may not actually be all that interested in. Or just send stills?

You could put it inside a zip folder, just right click in an open folder, go down to new, then go to zipped folder. Name it what ever you want. Move the mpeg to that folder. If that doesn't work you could download some free software that can change the frame rate, then reduce it. Last suggestion; change the file type from mpeg to something else.