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How do I share 2 printers on a single ethernet jack that is hooked to an internal network? Answered

Every office in my building has an ethernet jack. One room houses a HP laser printer that is currently utilizing the single jack. I'm putting a wide format color inkjet printer in the same room. I need to connect it to the internal network for others to share this printer as they do with the laser printer. There is a hub located in another part of the building that connects this intranet. To add my new printer is it a matter of plugging another hub into the existing jack and then plugging the two printers into the hub or is there another way? Thanks, Chas.



9 years ago

Thanks to all that posted a solution. A small switch it shall be. Chas.

A hub or a switch will do - a switch is just a hub with more brains. A hub takes all packets in on any port, and spits them out on all other ports. A switch reads the address info and only forwards packets to where they need to go. Hubs are cheaper - switches are 'better' - but if you're just using it for sharing to printers, hubs are excellent for the job.

. Unless the printers are going to see a lot of traffic, a simple hub should work. You may want to step up to a switch. A router would be overkill.

Can you still buy hubs?? With a mini-switch around 15 quid (20 bucks), why use anything else?

The clean and simple way is to just put in a small 5 or 8 port network switch and take the printers off that. An alternative would be to use a pair of CAT5 doublers at the main hub and room port to give you 2 connections out of the port, but this is a bit of a 'quick and dirty' method which would work, but is not strictly to ethernet spec.