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How do I use a Common Anode 7-Segment LED? Answered

I have a SA23-12EWA Common Anode 7-Segment LED and I can only get the decimal point to light up. How do I connect it so that the other segments light up?


Middle pin, top and bottom to +ve supply - and a resistor on any other pin to ground.

connect the other pins to ground, it'll glow up.

I tried it and nothing. Do I need to connect all of the other pins?

Right now I have positive in the top middle pin. Top would be as is if the decimal were on the bottom right.

Then I have negative in the last pin on the bottom. Closest to the Decimal.

When the decimal is on I try connecting the same negative to other pins and no glow? Any further advice?

the datasheet is showing forward voltage of 8 volts. try it with 8 volts at the top middle terminal.

+1. Yes, they have a8v Vf, the DP is usually one LED

Thank you very much for clarifying it. Now I have a nine volt battery with postivie on both middle pins. When I touch the negative to the other pins they light up. I get it now.