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How do I wire my 2 led strips in parallel? Answered

Hi, I have 2 LED strips (5050) which I want wired in parrallel. I only have 1 power supply driver which is only enough to power 1 LED strip. That's okay since I don't want the 2 strips to be on simultaneously.

My question is this: I need each LED strip to be controlled by the same switch. So for example, if I switch on once, the top strip lights up, if I switch on twice, the bottom strip lights up. What parts do I need for that to work?

Alternatively, if that's too hard, I could use 2 switches instead. But could I still use one power supply driver? (i.e. is it okay if I plug the 2 LED strips +wires to one hole and 2 -wires the other hole in the power supply unit?

I have attached a diagram...


Find a switch "SPDT" Centre off - a three position switch which will do just what you want.

Yes, you can use one supply !

+1, make sure the switch is rated for the current and voltage of the power supply.