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How do i get my girlfriend back? Answered

We broke up over 3 months ago, and i never stopped liking her. She is very... Fickle and not like any other girl i know. Now she has a boyfriend, but he treats her like scum and she doesnt seem happy with him at all. She seems like she's in a rut or something and all my friends think she's crazy now. I just want her to come to her senses. I can't really put the rest in words but at this point i think you get the jist. EDIT: She broke up with me because she liked this jerk guy i just described... i dont get it though because she's HATED him with a passion for her whole life. The guy has no morals at all and he doesnt even talk to her. they just sit there when theyre together dont even hold hands Note:I swear to god if anyone says READ MAI GUIDE ill be so pissed. Not only that but please give RELEVANT advice (i hate when people say stuff like: oil her stairs down and when she slips and falls help her up HOW WOULD I GET INTO HER HOUSE?!?!?!?)



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Just be the absolute best friend you can to her. Be there for her through it all. Share your opinion of this other guy in the nicest way possible. If she doesnt listen, just still be a good friend to her, and if something happens between them, be there for her and maybe she will realize what a good guy youve been to her.

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I've been through this before too...and it sure hurts...a LOT!

you say that she is special, and she sure is to you...but I believe ppl are not special for what they are, but for what we THINK they are...I mean...she is only special to you because you think of her this way...its all in your head...

and from my personal experience, i think it will be better for you to hang out with other girls instead of insisting only on this girl...(in the past, I lost so many great oportunities to be with cool girls...just to wait for a girl that were 'special' to me but didnt realy deserve my attention...)

I hope have helped you! (first comment on instructables! YEAHH!! \o/ )

wish ya the best of luck! =D

For some epicly stupid reason the "Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen." seems to work on most women, however being a really swell guy is surely worth a shot. WIN THE MORAL HIGHGROUND! -- It'd be a piece of p*ss to be a better guy than the burk who nabbed her away -- You could whack him of course, but she won't like that and neither will the rozzers! Best of luck getting her back at any rate, shouldn't be too hard, try to be sensitive and giving (Get her that cd she likes or something that would mean something to her and wouldn't cost the earth, just not some cliche snailcrud tat.) Barrin' that, if money is tight make something for her (this would eat a little time, distracting you from getting fixated upon thinking of her too (I wonder where you could find a "guide" to making things?! -- RIGHT HERE on instructables! Of course you must consider her tastes and what would be appropriate, show her your creative side. :-) (Things that are made and work well for a given purpose often have more meaning(and sentimental value) than buying any old thing.) Don't get down if it goes t*ts up, there are plenty 'a fish in the deep blue drink. May fortune smile upon those who go the greater distance. 8-)

Eliminate the main problem first, take care of the asshat boyfriend with the aid of a crowbar, large black bag, bricks, river. and then buy the lady some chocolates and shoes... works every time.. trust me ......

I know! I've done that multiple times! Almost once a month! The relationships that arise from that last forever. I swear!

you know you have more to offer her...dont sweat it...she will realize sooner or later what she lost and come back..be a friend...do not let your emotions rule your head.. this probably is a biggg mistake on her part and will ultimately humble her but she will realize her choice was not the best one to make for her

A lot of women 'like' jerks, after all if she didn't she'd have ditched him by now? Don't bother. Maybe she'll start liking you if you act like you don't really care, and be a bit more 'jerky' and a bit more her type? Then again you may think "no to that, this is a waste of time" and I should just get on with my life. L

Dude forget about her, www.plentyoffish.com is a great way to start that process.

dude im in high school so... i dont think that forgetting her will help at all i hang out with her EVERY day after school. But now she's starting to become more talkitive around me,and were back to being best buds again. It'll work itself out wether it be us getting back together or us being great friends

Relationships are a two-way street, and sometimes they end even when one person is still really into it. She's telling you that she's no longer interested any more, but the good news is that this isn't the end of the world, not even close. There are (and will be) plenty of people that want to make that connection with you, and repay the love that you give out. So hang in there.

On another note, you mention that " She broke up with me because she liked this jerk guy i just described... i dont get it though because she's HATED him with a passion for her whole life ". Typically this means that she's had her eye on this guy for a while, making up her mind of what she thinks about him. Some girls like the 'bad boy' thing. You can take comfort in the fact that this usually just means she is a little messed up and requires this type of drama in her life to achieve a level of intimacy, and that is something that you definitly do not need in your life.

You might have to accept that you can't get her back. No matter how much you want that. Not all relationships are permanent or even long-term. That doesn't mean they shouldn't have happened. We need different relationships at different times in our lives. Perhaps she needed you before and now she needs this guy. Learn from this one and enjoy the next relationship, and the next. I hope this helps.

she broke up with me because she like this guy and now theyre going out and im "just a friend"

Ok. Try to Always be nice to her, and make sure she feels confortable around you. She will eventually see how your a better guy than her boyfriend is. If she doesn't then its not worth it.

Thanks so much i'll try it out but like i said she's different from any girl i've ever dealt with, but not in a bad way. I'll give her like a week then start to "make my move"

Just tell her how you feel.

I would need more information if you want some advice, like why did she brake up with you.