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How do i save up money for a puppy fast? Answered

Hey! I need your guys help! I need a little more than $900 dollars for a puppy I am getting off affordablepup they are a trusting site I called them a couple of times sent ton of emails and are pretty trusty lol, and please don't suggest a lemonade stand because I made $60 off of 
that, thanks a lot bye!


Wow, um, looking to make money fast, huh?

Maybe you could steal, or erm.. find, other people's lost dogs, and then sell them to laboratories that need animal subjects for their research.   I'm not sure how many dogs you would have to uh, find, and resell, but it would totally be worth it, in order to save up enough to get the one perfect dog that's right for you!

Plus if you like working with dogs , and taking care of them and stuff, then I this just has to be the perfect way to make money for your goal!

I have heard of something called a Class B animal dealer,
but I'm not sure if that involves a license, or what?  Honestly, I'm not to sure about the legal aspects reselling animals, but still this seems to me like a great plan for someone who like working with dogs.


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The fastest way to save money?  

Don't spend what you've already earned.  Covet your cash!

$60 earnings for a running a simple lemonade stand isn't chump change.  It's a good start... IF you saved that money. ;-)

Did you?

I'd advise you to open a Savings Account and start depositing every penny you earn... and then some. ;-)

I "saved " for my first horse (age 13) by cleaning houses, mowing lawns, walking dogs and also by depositing every single penny of my school lunch money into a savings account. 

I wanted that horse really bad, and I "earned" her through hard work and sacrifice... but it didn't happen fast. 

Anything worth having is worth working for and waiting for.

How bad do you want this puppy?

I spent $200 dollars on my dog (pitbull lab? cross) from a shelter (not including crate, vet checkup, etc.). She is the sweetest and most loving dog! She also has none of the health problems that my purebred boxer has... Don't spend so much money on a purebred. They are expensive even after you've paid for them. Get past the status symbol thing.

You made $60 from a lemonade stand? My kids made one and I ended up drinking all the lemonade myself.

Lol, yeah I made a ton but I need $1000 for a puppy cause vet, suppiles, wee wee pad, and shampoo AND the puppy and the warrentys , and if your kids wanna do something try a jewelry stand if you have girls and human and dog matchies ( it's a necklace for the human and a collear for the puppy! And maybe babysitting if you have a older child and pet walking and washing cars and cleaning yards and pet washing! Oh and maybe a hello kitty ( if one of your girls ( if you have one) like hello kitty) hope I helped! Bye!

Don't pad train. Crate train. Pad training just trains them to pee in the house.


6 years ago

Save money buy not eating anymore cupcakes

Hey everyone I am getting my from a shelter! So I will post pics soon!

Sorry about that Cupcake. I was kind of making a bad joke there. I was expecting someone who loves dogs, to be repulsed, or maybe horrified, by the idea of picking up other people's pets and selling them to an animal research lab.  So if you were offended by the idea, then I guess that worked.

At the same, I was sort of hoping that this story would sort of lead you think about the price of dogs, and how that works. The price of dogs varies widely depending on the kind of dog, and how badly its owner wants to get rid of it.  I mean there are dogs out there, including puppies,  that nobody wants, and for which the price will be close to free.

I know there is this specific kind of dog you want, a Morkie?  That's some sort of Maltese - Yorkshire Terrier hybrid, right?  Anyway, you can seek out the person, or business, who has that dog right now

Or if you wait long enough, there exists the possibility that a Morkie puppy, will show up somewhere local at a low price, e.g. the local animal shelter, or a listing in the newspaper, or Craigs List, or somebody giving away that kind of puppy for free.  Also time will allow you build up money (via honest work like mowing lawns, babysitting, etc) for the backup plan, which is to just buy the too-expensive puppy, or wait for the sellers you have identified to offer/accept a lower price. 

By the way, this trick of being patient, and waiting for opportunity, waiting for the mountain to come to you, does not always work.  However watching and waiting, is a trick that works often enough that it is a trick worth considering.

Also if you enlarge the your list of acceptable puppies to include other breeds (er Poodles, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Beagles... honestly I don't know anything about dogs), then you'll have a better chance of finding such a puppy.

Sorry if any of this seems obvious.  You have a nice day too now!

OK as a very long time dog owner, breeder (in the past) and trainer (hobby) I am going to offer you a few things - some your not going to want to hear me say but that doesn't make them not true.

1. The dog shelters are full of loving cute, happy and well looked after dogs BUT if someone doesn't give them a good loving home them they will be killed.

2. The shelter will help you choose and they are experts because it's their job and they don't have any bias towards any particular dog. A cross breed is more likely to be better behaved than a highly bred pedigree dog.

3. Your puppy will need discipline and training if you , your family and  it are to have a happy time. GET some training yourself in this or you and the dog will have an unhappy experience.

4. Puppies are not toys, dolls or infants - they are dogs, have a distinct life style and needs that they will rely on you to provide - every day, every week, every month and year.

5. There will be times when you don't want to be bothered - your puppy doesn't understand this and still had to have it;s needs satisfied.

6. Puppies do things like children, they make a mess that needs to be cleaned up - that's YOUR job because you replaced it's mother. They destroy things, sometimes your things, it's no good getting upset the dog doesn't understand ownership.

7. There is an on going cost in terms of food, vets bills, training bills and TIME you will have to support so just buying the dog isn't the end of support. It isn't fair to expect your parents to provide for your pet.

8. Training is an all the time every day task, not when you want to other wise the dog will not learn how to behave - there are, in general, no bad dogs only dogs that have been miss trained or miss treated or not trained.

9 They don't have batteries you can take out when your finished.

10 They don't live in your environment, on your bed, under your bed or eat from your table, A happy dog has it's own place and understands that and can make it home, YOU keep it clean.

They get fleas, ticks and sick YOU have to sort all that out because the dog can't.

Dogs are a joy, companions, fun, provide an excuse for good exercise, protect, (to a degree), and will generally live for between 11 and 15 years so it's a commitment.

Good luck you don't need $900 in the short term although your parents may see your earning that as a commitment to getting the dog.


CupcakeLover may not have listened to your advice, but hopefully some one else who searches on the same topic. will.

I get REALLY frustrated with the willful ignorance on the part of pet owners around here. Even the ones who ask for advice on where to get a puppy or the importance of training & socializing a dog only want to hear confirmation of what they are already doing.

Hey and no I can see the dogs over a web cam and YouTube, and I am trying to find a pup registered with AKC or something registered with the state, and no they are not from the puppy mills cause I read the reviews and they are all good and cat trampoline i live in a small house very small so I am going with a teacup, male morkie and I can't seem to find any free puppy's : (

Why do you want to spend that much money on a dog?!
People are giving them away for free you know...


(You don't save money fast, you "get it" fast)

$900 is a LOT for a dog unless it has some high end pedigree - I would treat this company with some caution 9actually a LOT)

As said go for a cross breed, get it from a rescue center where you can see the dog and interact with it.

Go SEVERAL times before you commit. A Good rehousing center will always take the dog back if it becomes too much for you or some other problem arises.

It sounds like the website you mention is probably a broker for puppy mills. Puppy mills crank out purebreds with no thought to health or quality of the pups and the mamas live in deplorable conditions. The pictures on a website can have no relation at all to the actual dogs or conditions they are raised in. It is advertising - they tell the buyers what they want to hear. Careless quick-buck breeding has lead to numerous congenital health problems in popular breeds.

Do yoursef and the dogs a favor and get a mutt from a local shelter. If you insist on a purebred, they are also available from shelters.

If the site is willing to sell you a puppy without you first seeing the dog and getting to know it a bit then they are not a reputable site. You need to spend time with the dog before you go and buy it.

The site doesn't seem to care who buys these puppies. If you try to go to any reputable pet store or the local animal shelter there is a screening process before you buy a dog. The entire family has to come and spend some time with the dog. You have to fill out an application so they can make sure your going to be a good pet owner. Its sites like that and places that just give dogs to anyone that cause animal shelters to be overloaded with unwanted pets. Please, Please don't support that site and supports your local animal shelter instead. Or find a reputable breeder in your area that has the breed your looking for.

You seem to be in a pretty big hurry to get a dog. Do your parents know your trying to get a dog? Are they the one wanting you to save up the money to buy the dog? Do you realize it will cost allot more then $900 to keep a dog right? You'll have to take it to the vet as soon as you get the dog to get it's shots up to date. Thats another $100 or more you'll have to have. Then you need to buy all the supplies for the dog. You'll need a cage to keep it in, leash, bowls, toys, food, treats, and so on. Every other month (depending on what dog food you go with and what breed you get, or so you'll have to spend about $30 - $50 on more food and treats. Are you really ready for all of this?


And please go back to your original "what should I get?" question posted yesterday and re-read all of the answers.

I have re-posted my answer here for your convienence:

"Dogs For Dummies" has a great chapter on picking the right dog for your household. Great book - irritating title.

It is really important to match the energy level of the dog to your household. Be honest with yourself - do you want a laid-back dog to watch TV and read with, or are you going to play ball or walk with it for 45 minutes a day? If you get a herding dog, can you play soccer and frisbee with it every day? Once you know which breeds will suit you best, then go shopping. A mixed-breed will have a lot of the same traits that his/her purebred parents had, but probably not to the same extreme. They also tend to have fewer of the health problems caused by inbreeding.

I am a big fan of adopting from shelters. My dog was 6 months old when he landed at the shelter and he is a great dog. Most of the dogs in our Therapy Dog group also came from shelters or rescue groups. Puppies are cute, but adult dogs have their advantages, too. You already have a good idea what their personality is like, and they will bond to you just as well as a puppy will. There are also puppies available at shelter, if you are dead-set on a puppy.


If you desperately want a dog, visit the pound or a dog rescue centre. You get to meet a selection of dogs, get to know their personality before you make a choice, you know that the dog has been checked over by a vet, you can probably get it neutered for free, and it will save you about $900, which you can save to spend on dog food.

Why spend 900 dollars on a pet from a website? There are so many great dogs at shelters. You'd be doing a good deed and save a bunch of money.

If you really must have that specific puppy try the search box with the term "make money". There have been plenty of people asking how to make money fast and the answers tend to be the same.

Is this a breeding dog ?

If you get it pre-spayed or neutered, you can usually save a bundle.