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How do i set up & program a servo? and what do i need? Answered

i am a total newbie to this, i know i need a micro controller of some sort but dont know exactly what i need or how to set it all up. i will be using the servo to lift a faceplate on a helmet up and down. and would like it on a push button, so when i push the button once, it lifts the faceplate up, and press it again it takes the faceplate down?

many thanks


This one may be a little easier to work with.

Unfortunately, servos, are not as simple as they look.  They work with positional control, meaning that  you can control where they stop.  And they hold that position.  This all comes at a price.

You should buy the parts and a servo and get it working then figure out how to implement your project.

If you try then come back here with specific questions then you will get better help.

Here's a very, very simple circuit, using a 555 timer that I've used in the past. http://www.hvlabs.com/555servo.html

If all you need is "up" and "down", then you put a switch across the pot in the circuit, when the switch is closed, the thing goes one way, when its open, it goes the other.

Thanks, although as i said, im a total newbie, and that diagram on your link totally confuses the hell out of me! lol

That's a relative easy circuit so if that confuses you then maybe you should step back and learn what's confusing you so you can get this project done.

i know! lol but i did state im a total newbie (aka know nothing about this kind of thing) and did ask what i need, how to set it up ect, not just some schematics for a regular builder. i would like to know what i need, how to wire it up, how i need to program it, what to put where. basically Everything from start to finish, as i simply know nothing and want to learn so that i can do my own thing.

buy a cheap r/c car transmitter and receiver and use that to control the servo. You need to make sure that the servo matches your receiver.


5 years ago

All you really need is a reversing serving module used in some RC cars. Wire your button/switch to the module and hold the button down for 2 or 3 seconds and the servo activates, hold it down for another 2 or 3 seconds and it will reverse direction.
You can find the reversing servo modules at most RC hobby stores.


Answer 5 years ago

That should read 'servo' not serving.