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How do the admins choose whether or not to feature an instructable?? Answered

So today, I was just wondering around Instructables. I clicked on an instructable. I looked at the ratings and stuff. Views: 43 Rating: 0.00 (no one has rated) FEATURED How do the admins choose whether or not to feature an Instructable?



Best Answer 10 years ago

Rating is not based on ratings or views, as the person that features a project is likely to be one of the first to view it (some of the feature team are on the site far more than they ought to be...). There isn't a specific set of criteria for featuring - if there was, the site would get monotonous. The best way to learn what gets a project featured is to have a look at a load of featured projects. Basically. a project has to be well-written, have good images that are not just googled, and the subject itself has to be original (or an original treatment of a popular subject) or topical. Plus, it has to have that undefinable "Oh!" factor that makes a project stand out so that one of the Feature team decides it deserves a wider audience.


10 years ago

Kiteman has already given the best answer. In addition, we should note that the Feature Team includes people with diverse interests, so what one person chooses to Feature might be quite different from one someone else would choose. That is one way that the Featured I'bles represent the full diversity of the site.