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How do you braid illustration on the cover of "Leather Braiding"-by Bud Grant? Answered

On the cover of the book "Leather Braiding" by Bud Grant it shows what appears to be a six strap flat braid with a two strap braid going down the middle.How do you do that??I do not see that braid anywhere else in the book.It pisses me off cause that's why i got the book!!Thanx for any help or clues.




7 years ago

The name of the braiding that you're looking for is: The crocodile Ridge Braid.
You can find it in the book "Encyclopedia of rawhide and leatherbraiding" from Bruce Grant.
You can find it on page 230 of this book. Its is braided with 8 strings of leather.
I have also the book" leather braiding" from Bruce Grant, but this braiding is not showed in this book!

After looking at the cover art, I think this is a drawing and may not even have been done.

But if I were to try to duplicate it I believe it would be just a plain flat braid with an over braid of slightly narrower material down the middle.

I don't think it's just one flat braided operation.

I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

That's what I think too. Think I'll call Tandy & see what they know.Thanx

Suggestion if all else fails: Try constructing this braid out of separate strands, tied/clamped together at the ends after you've braided them. Then see if you can create a sequence of moves that un-braids it. If so, that sequence backward would create the braid.

Post a link for the picture. I am having trouble finding it.