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How do you buy something on ebay without having an account? Answered

I need a picture along with the answer.


Get a friend or family member to do it for you with their account, that's the only way. Do not do as suggested by Mike and ask the seller to bypass Ebay. A smart seller won't respond to such a request, as it's related to a few common scams.

If you can contact a seller without being a member, they may be willing to sell to you if you pay with a Postal Money Order or something else which is as good as cash.  Before Paypal, I'd use money orders, Western Union, or sometimes just cash hidden inside a card to pay for eBay purchases.  With bank money orders or personal or certified cheques, sellers should refuse to ship until the payment has _really_ cleared.

Picture... or is it a symbol: ---/\/\/\/\/----
It's a resistor. 

Why do you need a picture along with the answer? Sounds like a homework question :P alex has the correct answer. Use someone elses account, or get your own. It's quick and free.

you might be able to message the seller and ask them if you can purchase their item personally aside from ebay, BUT i would suggest that you just make an account. It is free and EASY and when you get set up with a Free paypal acount, you can buy and sell items easily and be assured that the money transaction will go smoothly. I knew a guy who sold actual photos of items to people to rip them off, he would only do it to people without paypal and such.

You ask a mate to buy it for you, ebay won't let you buy anything without an account.