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How do you get free apps? Answered

How do I get free apps. Do I HAVE to jailbrake it. If so can I jailbrake it then return to normal without vioding my warranty and losing the apps I downloaded while it was jailbroken. Is it worth jaibraking the iPod you. How do I get movies for free. How do I get live tv free. Not orb, tvu, or live tv.


No you do not need to jailbreak it. For free apps go to app store on your ipod/iphone then when it opens up press search at the bottom of the screen and type in the type of app you want. spend a little time with it so you can get to know how to navigate. I have not jailbroken my ipod but you can return it to normal by reinstalling the newest version without voiding your warranty. My friends have jailbroken their ipod's and they say its worth it. But if something goes wrong and you do have reinstall the version I think you can keep your apps IF you have them saved on itunes. Your ipod will automatically sync any new apps you downloaded to itunes. You can also free apps at itune's app store.

Im not sayin he shouldn't what I ment was that if your new to and ipod touch then you should wait before you jailbreak it. And I'm goin to jailbreak it.

Its just the first time I tried My computer froze up and I could not use my mouse. I rebooted my computer and my computer unfroze but my mouse still did not work. I checked my mouse conncetion and it was fine. So I did that thing where you make your computer earse anythinng you put on it in like the last three days and then it worked. But that was probbley me being stupid and not the programs falut. But I am going to try and jailbreak it again.

wow that doesnt sound good. I dont think that would be caused by the QuickFreedom. Did you use the link that i provided? Let me know if your second attempt was successful or i you need help with anything.

ya I still don't know what happened but when I try again I'll let you know if it was okay. And yes I did use that link but I don't think quick freedom caused it