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How do you make Sasuke's arm bands? (From Naruto) ..the black ones btw Answered

I'm cosplaying this character in an anime convention, but can't figure out how to make these...I'masassasd 


Which ones, white or black?
The white ones can be made easily by cutting the toes off of a pair of white socks, then sewing or gluing a black (or dark blue) ribbon or strip of felt around the open ends. Attach a small buckle on the front strip for added detail.
The black ones could be made from stiff felt with a black ribbon across the palm, or if you don't feel like sewing, a fair approximation can be found at sporting goods stores as "combination arm/hand guards" for American football and other sports.


8 years ago

Google "Sasuke's arm bands" then check the images.  Looks pretty simple to me.

I'd start by forming wire into the appropriate shapes, then mold over that with Sculpy or some similar modeling compound. Preferably one of the ones that stays rubbery when cured, so it doesn't break if you have to flex it a bit to get it on and off your arm. A good art store can advise you on what materials might be suitable.

Have fun. Take pictures of the build, and if it comes out nicely post an instructable...