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How do you make a small, concealable wooden flask? Answered

i need to know how to make a concealable wooden flask that's safe to drink out of. if someone could show me how to make one, i would appreciate it greatly.


Try Bamboo ,it wouldn't be small ,unless you chose a smaller piece ...it will crack as it dries but I am sure you can figure out a way to slow/stop the drying

I'd be more concerned about security - you thought booze- i thought explosives... just a thought on just what we are doing here...

Which is part of why I limited the detail on my answer. The other part is that, frankly, half the fun of DIY is figuring out how to do it, and I'm a firm believer in encouraging folks to do as much of their own design as possible.

yOu still ain't gonna get by airport security with a wooden flask filled with booze. Or is it the school guard.

Why wood? Best suggestion I've got , if you don't have a lathe available and aren't willing to just drill a cylinder, would be to rough out the shape, bandsaw it in half, carve out the interior, give it a good coating of food-safe finish (preferably something seriously waterproof; might take many coats), then use a food-safe adhesive to glue it back together again. Better suggestion, if you don't insist that it be _all_ wood, would be to create an opening that some more naturally water-resistant container (a test tube?) can be dropped into. Corks are "wood", and are naturally fairly water-resistant, so that solves that problem. I think the real answer here is "Experiment until you find something that works." Remember that some woods aren't food-safe either.