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How does light react to one way glass? Answered

I hope this is the right forum for my question. Earlier today I was watching a show on Netflix (Mythbusters) and they were using some one way glass. I was just wondering how light behaves towards this. For example if I used some one way glass in the side of a computer would I be able to see the light from LED's? The LED's would reflect on the mirrored side, wouldn't they? So would the light be magnified when I look through the clear side? I hope what I was trying to say was understandable.


The light isn't "magnified" by so-called one-way glass. Any glass will reflect light. A one-way mirror usually has a very thin silver coating on one side, to enhance the reflection, and the side you look through is kept darker.

Okay, thanks. I probably should have worded my post a little better. I didn't really mean magnified like as in a magnifying glass. I sorta just meant would it act like light does when it shines on a regular mirror.

Ah, I see. Yes, it will act like a mirror, but with only partial reflection. Some light is reflected, and some is transmitted through (otherwise the person on the other side wouldn't see through it!). So the reflected image is dimmer than you'd see in a full mirror.