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How many amps does a 9 volt battery put out? Answered

I am trying to run a portable DVD player off of a nine volt. Is it even possible? Thanks for the help guys...


If its a 9V player then sure you can do it. You may only get a few minutes of run time out of it. A 6 pack of AA's will last much longer then a straight up 9V but again run time will be an issue.

More to the point if the player needs 2A then the batteries will supply 2A and get very hot and will not last very long.

+1, Technically, up to a certain point, the battery can give as much current as you need but the more current drawn the shorter the batteries life. And the heat thing mpilchfamily mentioned. So as far as possibility is concerned it's just a matter of if the player can run on 9V.

A 9 volt battery has about 500 mAh, looking at my portable DVD player it only needs 500 mAh and 9 volts, so it will work, however don't expect to watch then the the trailers, that battery going to be dead in minutes

Depending on which battery you are using you will get from 100 - 1200 mAh out of a new 9 volt battery. That's not much when you are running motors and an amp. You can get approximately double that power by using two in parrellel.

You could have answered your own question but googling "currend of 9 volt".  Or gone to Wiki and read this page.  There is a chart about mid way down under Tech. Spec. that tells you all you want to know.