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How much RAM is on a stick? Answered

I bought a $20 computer from the Salvation Army, and it is in working condition. However, I dont have a spare mouse, monitor, keyboard, or power cord for it. So I did like a normal nerd, and harvested it. I got all the internals(It was running a Pentium II on windows 98, so it's pretty old) including the RAM. It had 3 sticks-1 SIMM and 2 DIMMs. On the SIMM, it clealy said that it had 64MB. However, on the other two, it says nothing about size from what I can see. There is a label, if it means something, that says:

MT16LSDT464AG-662C1      9807D      308210

On the first label, and:

MT16LSDT464AG-662C1 9808D 30821C

On the second. I would really like to know how much is on these sticks, so I know if I should use them for myself, sell them, or just trash them. Thank you!


The $20 machine is probably the only thing you have that these are any good for.


Thats what I was thinking. I might put it all together in this case:


Just for pure aesthetic irony...

You might make it into an mp3 player; I'm sure thee are some very lightweight bits of software for this.
Or load it up with Doom...